October 20, 2010

Fake Football (Toronto, ON)

Many factors come into play when it comes to positioning yourself at a soccer game (or any sporting event for that matter)

For pro sports, more often than not, you don't really have much choice over where you can be. This was a rare Toronto FC game that was not sold out so we went and shot from the stands - away from the overbearing security guards.

Shooting from a higher angle allowed to have cleaner backgrounds (see above). The spot we favoured allowed us to cover a big part of the field, but unfortunately, while being able to see both nets, the angle was pretty bad (see below).

This is still a good gamble, because God knows there isn't a lot of action around the goals in soccer, but this is what the only goal of the game looked like from where I was:
Now I didn't re-invent the wheel here, but fortunately, I had a camera in the net to show a different angle (without advertising MasterCard).

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