May 08, 2009

- insert clever title here - (Sydney, New South Wales)

It was a pretty quiet week at the newspaper, but a great opportunity nonetheless to spent some time at one of the world most renowned daily.

So here goes; a bit of what I did this week.

Air Supply's Australian lead vocalist Russell Hitchcock, in concert with the Sydney Symphony at the Opera House. I was excited to shoot at the famous Opera House, and the other photographers, who don't give a damn about the building anymore, gladly let me have the job.

Here's a portrait of one Ellida Hafouri, I thought it was kinda cool.

A reporter apparently thought of writing about a mummy exhibit because of the upcoming Mother's Day. And I thought nothing could be more lame than that time someone captioned "Grave situation" for my picture of a car accident in a graveyard...

This was for a Lifestyle section, they feature a different cocktail every week. Which means a photographer gets to "try" them each time.

And finally, I snapped this on a job at Sydney University. Nothing great, but being that I graduated just a few days ago, I thought I'd post it here.

"School's out... forever!"


  1. Bro Speechless to what you've been doing!! Picture wise and everything.
    Keep it up!



  2. School's never out! Félicitations pour toutes ces photos! Tu sais vraiment aller chercher l'unique même dans l'ordinaire!