May 14, 2009

Silver Screen Quotations (San Francisco, California)

Last post from this trip. Not to worry, there's more in the works, starting sooner than you could think.


Doug built a plane. He bought the plans, and built it. From scratch. And I thought I was quite handy...

I took many pictures, and I'll be writing (yikes!) about it, and hopefully get something published. It's a story that's worth being told. More on that in the book, and in some other form of publication at some point.

Doug is a great guy. A bit too humble about the whole "I built a plane" thing, but what are you going to do.

He took me for a plane ride over the Bay Area; it was amazing to see it from the air.

(Note: I rarely use black-and-white, I still stand by my opinion that some photographers are abusing of B&W, transforming mediocre photos into something half decent. That said, I like the feel of the B&W images, and do plan to include more of them in my book.)


Then, I went to shoot a baseball game at the AT&T Ballpark. I met up with Brad Mangin, Sports Illustrated's go-to guy when it comes to baseball.

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  1. still stand to your opinion for the black and white, tes photos couleurs sont plus percutantes...intéressant de voir la baie sous cet angle old fashion!!(vu d'avion made by Doug....)