September 07, 2010

... "cricket sound" ... (T.O)

I was assigned to shoot a photo-story on cricket last month. I wish I could explain how cricket works, but there's not enough room on this blog - or on the entire Internet for that matter.

I can tell you though, that spending a day around the extremely large oval field and asking questions to the players on the sideline has made me a semi-expert on the subject.

It's a slow paced sport, which allowed me to ask many questions - some quite stupid - to the very patient players. (Of course they are, they play a game that lasts forever...)

One of the game I attended ended up in a tie; a very rare occurrence in a sport where scores are in the hundreds. The photo below shows the batsmen scoring the tying run; beating the wicket by a fraction of a second on the last delivery of the game. The wicket (ball hitting the wooden bars and dislodging the bail - wooden thingy on the right of the frame) would have dismissed (retired) the batsmen. Retiring all the batsmen is one way to end the inning (half of the game, each teams bats once). The other way is for all the bowlers (pitchers) to deliver (throw) all of the set number of deliveries.

If that helps at all. (refer to Wikipedia for any additional information)

Otherwise, just take my word for it: this was a very close play deciding of the outcome of the game which makes this picture both significant and storytelling.

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