September 13, 2010

Toronto International Film Festival Portraits (T.O)

American actor Robert De Niro - (good chat about bedbugs)

During the film festival, one of the best assignment, and probably most stressful, is the one-on-one portraits. To give some idea of what it's like, we are given 1 or 2 minutes (often much less for the bigger names) and the setting is usually an empty hotel room (so much for being creative). Sometimes it varies. Some of the stars are really friendly; a few others not so much, but there are always good anecdotes.

French actress Mélanie Laurent - (the one who killed Hitler in Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds)

Canadian actor Michael Cera - (a few weeks before film fest)

Canadian-American actor Jason Priestly - (pretty boy in Beverly Hills 90210)

American actor Edward Norton - (from many good movies)

Soviet-American actress Milla Jovovich - (with a delightful and exquisite English)

American actor/director Emilio Estévez - (aka Billy the Kid)

American actor/director David Schwimmer - (aka Ross Geller)

American actor Martin Sheen - (just as nice of a guy as his son Emilio)


  1. chanceux va!chaque sujet est mis en valeur. beau travail!