April 16, 2009

Cinema Paradiso (Wanaka, NZ)

New Zealand might be known for its great outdoors but let me tell you a little bit about one of its most enjoyable places, indoors, the Cinema Paradiso.

This one-screen theatre has become an attraction in the lovely city of Wanaka. Both big blockbuster and small international productions are presented.

Buy your ticket and a glass of wine (or a Coke), choose between one of the couches, lounge chairs or the old yellow convertible, sit back and enjoy. Oh, don’t worry, the pizza (delicious by the way) you ordered is waiting for you at intermission.

After the movie, walk back to wherever it is you’re staying. Other than the live music coming from a distant bar, you won’t hear much, the little alpine village is asleep. Skim stones in lake Wanaka and go to bed.

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  1. Tant qu'Ć  faire, t'aurais pu aller au colossus ... c'est moins loin!