April 09, 2009

Off the beaten tracks (Mount Cook, NZ)

I guess China might be the last place that survived the Chinese tourists’ invasion, if that. They are everywhere. The only other option (after going to China, which isn’t high on my To-do List) to avoid the company of Chinese tourists is to go off the beaten paths.

I’m sitting, as I type, in front of famous Mount Cook, the highest peak of the South Pacific. I had a look at the popular walks but got quickly bored. Instead, I scouted a few spots then waited hours for sunset, and few more for darkness. Sitting there waiting, looking at the light change, I got hear and see avalanches, look at the rivers flowing from the glaciers (not pretty, the water is grey, but these ice-cubes are massive), all of that, in the middle of nowhere.

First image is Mount Cook after sunset, really cool light. Second one is of other mountains nearby (Mt Cook in the background on the far right), I’ll let you guess what time of day.

When I say “off the beaten tracks” I mean it. Where the road (and the Chinese tourists) turned right, I turned left. Just wanted to have a look. Turned out to be an incredible drive, nobody to be seen anywhere near. This is a picture I liked from the road.

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  1. Pretty Pictures Adrien! Hope you have a great Easter :) I'm sure the fresh air up in the mountains did you some good :)