September 05, 2009

Done with Mirrors (T.O.)

It's always better to see the eyes, whether it's the football player's eyes through the face mask or in this case the SWAT officer while he's shooting.

People tend to forget about the person taking the pictures. We're used to TV and we rarely think of the cameraman (i.e. the "first step" on the moon was shot by someone already standing on the moon).

In the case of taking pictures of an ETF (Emergency Task Force - called SWAT in other cities) officer at the shooting range, they obviously wouldn't let me stand in front of them. Not that I'd be scared; these guys are trained machines; but you never know, and especially when bullets are involved, better safe than sorry.

The usual choice would be a remote camera. Fairly easy to set up, but no way to control it once it's up there. We usually use wide-angle lenses on remote camera.

For this, I simply brought a mirror and a stand instead. I just thought I'd put the mirror in the right (dangerous) spot, and photograph what it shows me from behind the shooter. Easier to use with longer lenses. Possibility to move around and adjust your position and the image's composition. And, a cheap alternative for any photographer who doesn't own the equipment to fire a camera remotely.

Simply makes for a better image than the usually shooting range pictures from behind. And the longer lens looks better than a wide-angle on a remote.

Now getting the fire from the bullet; that's just good timing (just kinding, it's luck).

More MacGyver stuff next time around.

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  1. Guillaume PelletierSaturday, September 05, 2009

    cool pictures with the ETF
    specially the one with the fire