September 17, 2009

Three Kilometre High (over Cookstown, ON)

Last light. While these guys jump off the plane, it's already nighttime on the ground.

Although I usually have a bag of tricks to take pictures from weird/dangerous angles, this was pretty straight forward:

The big Cessna Caravan (the plane) goes about 200 km/h, and having one hand on the railing inside, I lean outside to have a good look and take my photo. No harness, "if you fall out, we don't want the plane to drag you in the air, you're better off opening your 'chute and hoping for the best" said James who was in charge of my (relative) safety.

1 comment:

  1. Ca t'as pas donné le goût de sauter???
    Belle photo
    ps: bon séjour parmi nos "amis" les suisses.