September 13, 2009

TIFFF (Toronto, ON)

TIFF: Toronto International Film Festival. At times I add an extra F.
All the celebrities are in town, and so are the paparazzi. Which makes the life of a photojournalist like me, who walks the streets with all my photo gear, a living hell.
"Are you a paparazzi?"
Steve Russell answers: "No more than you are George Clooney. And if you are, what the hell happened to you?"
I photographed the lovely Drew Barrymore.

And this ended up on A1.

Also shot Hugh Hefner (and his bunnies), but I don't want to post it, because despite a large portion of the population being interested in the celebs, I don't care, and I don't think this whole Film Fest has much journalistic value overall.

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