March 25, 2009

Volcanoes (Turangi, NZ)

Photo from volcanic park, Wai-O-Tapu. Weirdest landscape with vivid colours. There were craters and smoke coming out of the ground. Pretty cool.

And those are from today's walk, at pretty big climb. The actual distance walked was a bit more than 19,4 km (and I ran the last 3 to make sure the bus wouldn't leave without us; long story). I just pulled a few pictures like that, haven't looked at the whole thing just yet.

Below is a view at people climbing to the top of Mount Tongariro; in the background is Mount Taranaki (or Mount Egmond). Both are active volcanoes.

Below is a view at Lake Rotoaira and Lake Taupo behind. Lake Taupo is New Zealand's biggest lake.

Heading to the South Island soon. It's said that the landscape are amazing there.


  1. Just a note, for some reason colours and contrast are not rendered on the blog.

    And since it's the first time I can actually write comments on my own site; thanks to everyone writing stuff on there. I like reading the comments.

  2. I can hardly imagine more amazing landscapes than these. The teaser really works!

    Old Vex

  3. A 3 km run (with half a ton of equipment ?) is some feat. And Baseball is an Olympic event!

    Old Vex again

  4. Ah the landscape there looks so interesting - love the volcano shot! Ron and I will definitely have to get there one day. In the meantime we'll have to just enjoy it vicariously through you. So keep those blog postings coming!

  5. great photos man! i looked up the places on google maps, pretty cool


  6. C'est répétitif, et pas très original à dire, mais tes photos sont écoeurantes!!


  7. Nice pictures my friend, but honestly I'm still waiting for more of NZ girls, you tease us/me with a blondie getting a tan at the beach and nothing after that...
    just kidding, hope you enjoy your trip

  8. As much as I love ya...I kinda hate you right now, I‘m sooo jealous of you. Your images are awesome, I knew they would be. Take care bud.

  9. bonne fête mon frère! continue tes photos sont écœurantes!!!!!!!!!!!!On pense à toi pis profites en.

  10. Adrien, you've taken some great pictures so far! My favourite picture is the volcano one. I'm glad people there are really nice and also letting you stay with them.


  11. Sounds really exciting, Adrien!
    I'm jealous of the fun you're having.
    Keep the posts coming!

  12. Tes photos sont vraiment intéressante! Et puis, hmm si ma mémoire ne me fait pas défaut, hé bien.. Bonne fête! On peut dire qu'elle se passe dans un endroit exceptionnel!!


  13. Wow...the scenery looks amazing! I'm glad you're having fun and that the people there are so welcoming!

    Can't wait to see everything when you get back :)