March 31, 2009

Windy-Welly is swell (Wellington, NZ)

Leaving the Tongariro region, I drove East to see Mount Taranaki (Mount Egmond), from closer (that didn’t happen because of the clouds), and chose to drive on the Forgotten World Highway, a gorgeous sinuous road, where you’ll drive through farmlands, valleys, forests, gorges and the independent Republic of Whangamomona (worth Googling, it’s a funny story!).

I’m sharing this bit of the trip with Helen, a British globetrotter. We stayed that night at Dave’s, a friend of hers, who lives on the west coast. Again, so much better to meet locals, get to talk to them, chat about where would be the best place to cross from Egypt to India (he’s a well travelled person as well).

We then headed south, to capital city Wellington were I celebrated my birthday (thanks everyone for the wishes). We had two days there before taking the ferry for the South Island, so we visited. I got to buy a four cassettes (NZ$1 each, a bargain!) because my nice rental car, a Nissan Sunny, only has a tape deck.

Here’s a picture of the famous cable-car in Wellington. Got many more, but I’ll keep them for the book!

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